Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Calling by Lily Graison The Calling by Lily Graison
Rayna is a reporter sent to Wolf Creek, a small community which claims to be overrun with werewolves. Little does she know that her request to tell the world their story covers the seriously frightning plans they have for her, and she soon finds herself in danger when she comes face to face with monsters she thought only exsisted in horror movies. Can Garrett, her exboyfriend, save Rayna when he learns of the packs plans for her. And how will Rayna react when she discovers that Garrett is really one of the monsters himself. Will his closely guarded secrets destroy any kind of a future they may have?

I really enjoyed this book, which was filled with some hot & sexy love scenes aswell as edge of your seat suspence that had me flipping the pages to find out when happened next!

Saturday, 3 December 2011


Blood Oath (Mystic Wolves, #3)
Blood Oath by Belinda Boring
Book 3 in the Mystic Wolves Series. I really enjoyed this book, which sees Darcy kidnapped by a Vampire out for revenge against her Future mate Mason. We also see the farewell ritual for Jasmine, who was killed in the first book. This scene was beautiful and was my favorite part of the book. Mason then goes to confront the Vampire who had kidnapped Darcy, but when the comunications link between Mason and Darcy is broken, she panics and goes to find him, which ends in a fight. We are also left with a cliffhanger at the end of this book, which has left me eagerly waiting for the next chapter in the Mystic Wolves series.

Cherished (Mystic Wolves #2)
Cherished by Belinda Boring
Book 2 in the Mystic Wolves Series. After the tragic death of her pack sister, Darcy is consumed with guilt and feels that Jasmine's death is her fault. She feels that the pack would be better off without her and that they all blame her for the tragic events, so she plans to leave. It's upto Jasmine's brother and Darcy's soon to be PackMate Mason, to make her see that she is in no way to blame and that she is Loved and Cherished by him and her pack

Without Mercy (Mystic Wolves, #1)
Without Mercy by Belinda Boring
This short novella is the first in the Mystic Wolves series, and I loved it. Darcy & Jasmine are two female werewolves who are scared and betrayed by a man they thought was a trusted pack friend. Darcy tries to seduce the threat long enough so that Jasmine can escape, but they hadn't counted on the 'help' and desperate measures Gary has gone to, and he becomes unstable, with tragic results. He had wanted Jasmine as his mate, but had been rejected by Jasmine's brother, who is the Alpha Wolf and has the ultimate say on who Jasmine will belong to. Darcy does everything she feels is right to control the situation, and I really felt for her with her struggle to maintain the balance between her humanity and her inner wolf. I also really liked the ending when Mason (the Alpha wolf and Darcy's future mate) comes to comfort Darcy in the woods.
I'm looking forward to reading the next part to see how she handles the aftermath of the tragic events that she feels responsible for.


Secret Santa
Secret Santa by Kristine Chesney
Again, this isn't the normal genre i read, but I do like a good Christmas Romance at this time of year to get me in the festive spirit, and decided to give this one ago because the few reviews I have read so far have been good. The story plot is original, and I really warmed to the characters, who are both lost and lonely souls. They made me laughing at times and I also had a tear in my eye because of their heartbreaking stories. Holly is a Secret Santa and her 'mission' is to deliver gifts and christmas spirit to Marcus who has sunk into a dark depression after the loss of his beloved wife. They both feel an instant 'something' towards each other but must overcome their own issues to find love and companionship.
I really enjoyed this short read, and would recommend it to anybody looking for a quick, festive romance.


 The Lawman
The Lawman By Lily Graison
Western Romance is not my usual reading genre, but I'm glad I read it after it was recommended to me by a friend, who knows that I have a soft spot for Strong Hunky Brooding Men in my books, and I swooned for Marshal Morgan Avery as soon as he walked into the Saloon. I did feel sorry for Abigail Thornton when he throw her in Jail for the night for starting the 'brawl' that got him knocked out. Abigail is desperate for a husband and protection, and is running away from a secret that she is clearly frightened of. She did annoy me at times, because she is so focused on getting married, that she actions felt too single minded. I would have liked the story to be abit longer and the relationship between the two main characters grown abit more, but overall, I enjoyed this book.